In professionalism is family important ???

Dear Friends,

Some time we as HR involve with the employees and forget our family. It's not a good sign. Although you think that I am selfish but no just watch your work. Management gives you salary of your time and efforts. They are not your relatives and management at any point of time change but your family always remain with you.

If management gives you salary then you are given your 8 to 10 hours. Clear with the management that you can't work more than 8-10 hours because you are responsible for your family.  Family is your base. You can switch jobs but not family.

When I was in one firm, my cousins marriage was planned but due to office work I dropped that marriage. Management couldn't see this and think I am selfish to left the job without prior intimation.

So be sure that your family is more important rather than your professionalism.

Yes it's true that we must be professional but if the management not consider us you must be take stand at own.

This post is just showing the mirror to others. If any person offended then that is his/her problem.
Their act is responsible for the same. No personal issues.


Rahul Saxena