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How to identify star performers before hiring

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ESIC Information

What is ESI Scheme? The Employees' State Insurance (ESI) Scheme is one of the most popular schemes amid employees engaged in various economic sectors in entire India. This ESI scheme is administered and regulated by an autonomous and self-financing social security and labor welfare organization named ESIC, strictly as per the rules and regulations given in the Indian ESI Act of 1948. What is ESI Registration? Proper registration under the ESI scheme of ESIC, is referred to as the ESI Registration. ESIC is acronym for Employees' State Insurance Corporation, which functions under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. Registration under this ESI scheme ensures availability of a wide-range of medical, monetary, and other benefits to the employees of any employing entity having 10 or more employees. Such facilities are indeed very elegant for improving and boosting the health, morale, performance, and retention and progress of employees. Thus, reg…

Start you Career in HR : understand 12 key points

Decades ago, human resources was primarily seen as a "paper pusher" role. HR professionals considered as hiring and firing; they kept employee records and personnel files; they fielded the occasional employee or manager complaint. Today, HR departments are much more dynamic, playing an essential role in a business's long-term talent development strategy.  Despite all the different hats HR can wear, this department's primary task is helping an organization's most valuable asset: its people. Before you start your career in human resources, you'll want to thoroughly understand the core requirements of the industry and what functions you'll be expected to perform.
1. Fully Understand the 'Human' Side of Human Resources Compliance and policies aside, HR professionals must focus on the human aspect of HR, the part that requires them to read souls, balance a cast of personalities, speak different emotional and professional languages, and strategically place…